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Benchmark Sales & Marketing

Would you like to know how your sales & marketing practices rank in your industry? Growth Process Group can compare your company Sales & Marketing practices to a peer group of like companies. The data for the comparison is compiled by CSO Insights, a respected Sales & Marketing practices research firm.

Benefits of Benchmarks:

Know how you compare to your peers for better decisions. Remove the guesswork on sales initiatives that should be implemented this year. Use the most current industry information to help formulate strategy. Find weaknesses you may not have known about before it is too late.

How can you use Benchmarks?

Identify strengths and potential problem areas by analyzing your company’s metrics with those of similar companies, such as:

• Compensation Plans
• Ability to Cross-sell/Up-sell
• Sales Representative to Manager Ratio
• Reasons for Losses
• % of Leads from Sales Reps
• Amount Spent on Training
• Planned Initiatives
• Blend of New & Existing Customers
• Conversion Rates from Leads to Close
• Sources of Qualified Leads
• Leads Generated by Marketing
• Sales Rep Ramp-up
• Excessive Discounting
• Forecast Accuracy
• Sales Turnover

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